Torlon® plastic PAI custom parts and fasteners are made from a thermoplastic that has superior strength and wear resistance even in extreme conditions. Torlon® is made by Solvay SA. The resin is then made into shapes by Ensinger Plastics. It is an amorphous polymer meaning it has a random molecular structure. Amorphous polymers do not have a melting point. Rather they have a glass transition temperature. When heated they soften slowly and do not shrink when they cool.

Torlon® plastic has exceptional resistance to creep, wear and chemicals. It is a high performance polymer that performs well under severe temperatures up to 260°C (500°F). Even at high temperatures Torlon® PAI has superior electrical and structural characteristics. Additionally it has an extremely low coefficient of linear thermal expansion, and exceptional dimensional stability. Typical applications are parts for the semiconductor, aerospace, auto and the oil and gas industries.

Pros of Torlon®

  • High strength and stiffness up to 260°C (500°F)  
  • Toughness and impact strength at low temperatures
  • Excellent wear and creep resistance under load
  • Superior wear resistance in both dry and lubcricated applications
  • Strong chemical resistance including to strong acids and most organics 
  • Excellent compressive strength
  • Extremely low coefficient of linear expansion
  • Has low flammability rating V-0 and does not smoke when burned
  • Resistant to radiation
  • UV resistant
  • High dielectric strength


  • Expensive compared to other polymers
  • Difficult to manufacture parts

Applications for Torlon® Plastic

Parts made from Torlon® PAI show superior performance under conditions generally judged to be too severe for thermoplastics. Typical applications include Torlon® PAI fasteners such as screws and hex nuts as well as custom parts used in aircraft.  This high performance plastic is also used in transmission and powertrain parts for cars. Torlon® plastic is often used in oil and gas exploration and recovery equipment for parts in compressors and pumps.. It resistance to strong acids make it a common choice for custom parts and fasteners in the semiconductor equipment manufacturing industry. PAI’s dielectric strength makes it a go to material for electrical and electronic components.

Torlon® polyamide imide (PAI) is also made into a powder that is used in the performance coatings industry. In powder form the resin is blended into a liguid plastic formulation used in engineered coatings. Amide-imide (AI) powders are also used to make high-temperature adhesives.


Torlon® PAI is used widely in the semiconductor industry. This polymer is not affected by the harsh chemicals, such as strong acids and solvents, used in semiconductor processing. PAI performs well when high-temperature processing is required. At high and low temperatures parts made from Torlon are dimensionally stable. The surfaces of parts are clean and do not produce particles that contaminate a manufacturing facility. Typical Torlon® parts in this industry are used in wafer handling, bearing surfaces, parts carriers, fasteners including Torlon screws, bolts and nuts and IC test equipment.


Aerospace parts must perform in both hot and cold environments. Additionally they must also perform well in high pressures, be corrosion resistant and handle friction, wear and impact. Very few polymers other than Torlon PAI can meet all of these requirements.  Applications include thermal isolators, bushings, and Torlon® PAI custom parts and fasteners. Also aircraft shrouds made of Torlon allow the engines to retain mechanical properties at high temperature, reduce noise and vibration and to resist deformation.

Torlon® Plastic Components for the Automotive Industry

Torlon® PAI is the highest performing thermoplastic available. In the automotive industry Torlon® is used to replace metal transmission parts in applications where there is high temperatures, pressures and friction.

Hydraulic seal rings made from Torlon® PAI for clutch actuation exhibit outstanding dimensional stability. This polymer is also used to make axial thrust bearings because of its wear resistance in lubricated applications as well as for its high impact and compressive strength.

Oil and Gas

The growing demand for oil and gas have lead companies in these industries to drill deeper on land and in offshore deep water reserves. Most metals and few plastics can withstand the high pressures and high temperatures involved in deep drilling. And in the case of offshore drilling, to salt water. These areas also involve abrasive fluids. Unlike many plastics Torlon® PAI performs extremely well in extreme environments. Typical applications include seals, down-hole guides, fasteners, bearings and bushings.

Torlon® Plastic in the Electrical & Electronics Industry

Torlon® PAI has high dielectric strength and is therefore used for electrical connectors and insulators. In addtion to electrical insulation properties it also has outstanding impact strength. Thus these properties make it ideal for other high-performance parts such as switches and relays.

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